Project: IoMEDIA
Location:  New York, NY

IoMEDIA is an agency who seeks to strategize, conceptualize and develop digital visuals to redefine the perception of various businesses and practices. The agency is comprised of designers, illustrators, artists, animators, producers and many more. Working closely with the imaginative designers of IoMEDIA brought a great deal of inspiration to the project.

The strategy for dividing up the headquarters of IoMEDIA was to introduce an undulating glass wall which would separate the individual offices from the rest of the space. This glass wall creates an impression of lightness and openness throughout as well as allowing the views of the Hudson to be seen from all vantage points within the headquarters. Solid white walls placed perpendicularly to the glass act as dividers between individual offices. A series of thin horizontal windows were placed within the solid walls to help to create a sense of continuity between spaces without compromising privacy.

A long diagonal wood paneled wall helps guide visitors into the main reception area while at the same time separating the collaborative space from the rest of the office. Existing skylights throughout the offices add to the bright and transparent atmosphere and a quick walk up the staircase off the reception area brings you onto a rooftop deck overlooking the Hudson River.