Project: Love Gelato
Location:  New York, NY

In the design of this new storefront we had the unique opportunity of working in close collaboration with one of the owners of Love Gelato who happens to be a fashion designer. We were able to implement many of his ideas in the creation of this new retail space in order to assemble a final product which is a mixture of transitional design styling, traditional Italian gelaterias, and airy Parisian cafes.

The small space is located within a landmark building in New York City. The plan of the shop has an irregularly shaped perimeter but the space was organized efficiently in order to utilize every square foot. Along the street there are many windows as well as the two main entrances to the shop, creating a bright and open atmosphere.

The interior of the space is fitted with a traditional espresso bar where customers can stand and snack as well as several café tables where customers can sit back and enjoy their treats. Many elements within the space are custom made including the wainscoting and furniture.