Project: Ito Partnership
Location: Chelsea. NY

Ito, a start-up corporate branding firm discovered 5,000 square feet of space in a Chelsea NY warehouse, and asked Windigo to help design their office. As a branding firm serving clientele such as Martha Stewart and Carrabba’s, Ito understands that image is everything. Through the design of their office space, they wanted to convey their ideals of openness, transparency, and collaboration, as well as their appreciation of good design.

Taking advantage of the clean whitewashed concrete and brick, Windigo opted for a playful minimalist intervention, inserting a slightly skewed long box into the middle of the space to play off the regular geometry of the structural columns. The “box” is composed of alternating transparent and solid white walls to provide privacy and visual connection to the offices of the firm’s principals. The space surrounding the box is dedicated to the designers, filled with personal desks and collaborative gathering spaces. With views to the Hudson and midtown, a 2,500 square foot teak roof deck offers a retreat for the staff at lunch time and a great reception space for the company’s evening events.

The clients mandated a very short time-line for construction, demanding that the contractor have the space ready for occupation in less than a month. Every detail down to the alignment and routing of the exposed ductwork and conduits was carefully choreographed to reflect the design.