ConstructionAdmin.jpgDuring construction, we will be communicating with the contractor on a daily basis and visit the site at critical times during construction to insure that the work is  being done in accordance with the construction documents. We will also review shop drawings, product submittals, color and finish samples provided by the

contractor. We will also review all payments made to the contractor and evaluate that their payment requisition reflects accurately only the work performed to date. 

We monitor the on-site progress of a project throughout the construction phase to ensure that the work adheres to the construction documents, utilizes accepted construction techniques, and is progressing on schedule. We process any required change orders and all applications for payment, maintaining control over the contractor by scrutinizing his work and approving payment for only the work that has been completed satisfactorily. The success of our projects depends on the “follow through” during and after the construction phases. Should a project require, we can provide full-time site supervision.