ConDocThis phase pulls all the design decisions and information together and organizes it into a comprehensive set of fully detailed drawings and specifications that allows the contractors to submit for permits and perform the work. Our approach to contract documents is to develop the most complete and coordinated documents possible in order to facilitate streamlined construction and promote cost efficiency.

Windigo can offer assistance in obtaining bids through contractors, whether supplied by the Owner, or ourselves. When bids are received we can review them and advise you on selecting a builder based on competitive pricing, schedule, qualifications, and the ability to perform the work with the highest level of service and craftsmanship. We can also assist in developing a contract for you and the builder.

To control costs throughout the project, we obtain contractor-supplied cost estimates during the design and contract document phases. In this way, the scope of work may be adjusted before construction is begun and before changes will impact the schedule adversely. In addition, our complete and coordinated documents have consistently reduced cost overruns during construction.