Project: Alfond Arena Hockey Rink
Location: Deerfield, MA

On a fast-track schedule, Windigo designed and built the 33,000 square foot Alfond Arena at the Eaglebrook School in Deerfield, Massachusetts. The professional size hockey rink consists of a tinted concrete block structure, high clerestory windows, a large north-facing window, and a soaring roof canopy. The roof is supported by dramatic arched Glulam wood beams spanning over 100 feet. The generous use of windows, unusual in a hockey rink, allows natural light to complement the warm materials used throughout.

The completed structure features a private skybox viewing area for the enjoyment of the school’s patrons and radiant heated bleachers for the fans. The ice rink is accompanied by four locker room areas to accommodate Eaglebrook’s athletes and the visiting teams.

To complete such a large structure within a timeline of five months, Windigo assembled a cohesive team of consultants to work in parallel to complete the project documents in a period of only seven weeks.

The collaboration between Windigo Architecture and the specialists working on the ice rink and support equipment, mechanical systems, and long-span structural design allowed the building to be completed on schedule and within the established budget.