Project: Learning Center
Location: Deerfield, MA

Windigo Architecture was hired to design an addition and renovation to an award-winning 1965 Architects’ Collaborative building to accommodate the growing population at Eaglebrook School. Because of the school’s scheduling demands, the entire renovation had to occur on a fast-track 90 day construction schedule.

The design task emphasized the respect of the aesthetic character and symbolic meaning of the existing Learning Center structure. To do so, Windigo inserted an addition under the existing roofline and loggia, increasing the usable space in the study hall and auditorium.

In the auditorium, the axis of the stage and seating was rotated to allow for a greater number of seats while preserving the spacious character of the room. This design decision necessitated the removal of the existing structure on the first floor and the development of a ten-foot deep truss to support the second floor. The concrete floor with an aggregate of colorful stones and the maple wood is used throughout to add warmth and richness to the auditorium space. The lighting fixtures are integrated into voids in the ceiling to maintain the continuity of the linear wood ceiling.

In addition to the architectural renovations, Windigo helped upgrade the buildings infrastructure, incorporating air-conditioning, more advanced theater lighting, new audio-visual capabilities, and local area networking for the campus computer system.