Project: Grey Walls
Location: Newport, RI

Windigo transformed a cramped 1970’s stucco house into a spacious contemporary rendition of the traditional Shingle Style Cottage. The sharp angles on the house’s facade recall the bows of ships in honor of the owner’s passion for sailing. The interior is divided into generous living areas with open galleries, second story bridges, a stair in the shape of a double helix, and constant visual surprises. A private pavilion complete with sophisticated fiber-optic light displays provides a place for playing cards.

Various spaces throughout the house allow the richness of an ocean view and its ever changing patterns of light and tides to take center stage. Located on the highest point in Newport known as Telegraph Hill, the estate continues the experience of ascension through the steep rooflines and towering chimneys. Perhaps the culmination of this experience occurs on the third floor outdoor balcony which holds twin Japanese soaking tubs from which to admire the view.

Exterior spaces such as the semicircular stone terrace recall the property’s natural rock outcroppings and expand the living spaces to the outdoors.

The house underwent a second renovation, which created a spacious contemporary kitchen filled with daylight and modern appliances. The design fuses the functional requirements of cooking within a casual space for family gathering