Sutton BW

Angela Sutton                         

      Angela joined Windigo as a project architect in 2016, returning to architecture after several years in the nonprofit sector. She received her M. Arch from the Knowlton School of Architecture at The Ohio State University in 2002, where she served as a studio lecturer for several years following graduation. Alongside her academic work, Angela began her professional career, working on a wide variety of institutional and commercial projects over the span of a decade. She maintains NCARB certification, and is licensed in Ohio, Arizona, and New York.

     Angela came somewhat late to architecture after detours through laboratory science and the performing arts, approaching the field as a synthesis of technical expertise and intuitive problem solving. Architecture also provided an outlet for her longstanding interest in working with her hands, whether through freehand or technical drawing, paper- and woodcraft, or, as a child, good old Lego bricks (the budding designer’s favorite toy).

     Outside the office, Angela plays both classical piano and rock keyboards, having recorded and performed with bands including the Mid-State Wire, the Tin Hearts, and currently, Autograft. She is also interested in history in general and America’s industrial history in particular, supporting preservation and documentation efforts as a member of the Pennsylvania Railroad Technical and Historical Society.